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Long before there ever was a Cuisination corporation, there was a love of chefs. Love of food, of course, but even more so of the people who create it. When we say chef, we include all the culinary artisans who, with their visions and creativity, transform the way we eat. For us, a farmer can be a chef, a butcher can be a chef, and a crazy, knife wielding, nutjob obsessing over the texture and temperature of an artic char can, and probably is, a chef. So we are not « foodies » as much as groupies, groupies of these rockstar of the culinary world.


Speaking for myself, I think my first love was Chef Nicolas Jongleux of “les Caprices de Nicolas”. In 1988 I was a student in Montreal and I took my girlfriend to his restaurant to celebrate our first year anniversary. That night I caught a glimpse of a world just at the edge of mine, a world I would soon be infatuated with.

Fast forward almost 10 years to 1996. My girlfriend is now my wife and I have a promising career in information technology. We have an apartment in Montreal’s little Italy next door to a gunshop and kitchen supply store called “Quincaillerie Dante”. The owner, Helena Faita, gave cooking class in a small apartment adjacent to the store. I joined up and took one class, then another, and another. Until one day I took a Foie Gras class that was thought by the boyfriend of Elena’s daughter; Martin Picard. He was a loudmouth, bombastic, cocky sous-chef and a rockstar in waiting. In the span of a few months, I had discovered two of the most influential people in my life, Elena Faita-Venditttelli and Martin Picard.

Build something

I spent the two decades on the outside, looking in. I witnessed Martin’s ascension and tribulations. I became friends with him and other great chefs. I saw their ventures take off and often crashes violently. Like the groupie that I am, I paid to see their culinary concerts, I watched their cooking shows, always cheering on. Until one day, when chef Picard, who else, shared his frustration about an aspect of the business and said “you should build something to help me out in this situation! ”. Although I never did “build something” for that specific problem, he got me thinking: “What else do they need ?”

Here we are, a few years later, and we are “building something” . Actually it is a bunch of “somethings”. Each project is aimed at improving a particular aspect of the restaurant business using the latest information technology. Our goal is to streamline processes, ease frustration and save time and money.

Cuisination not a solo act. It is made up of a group of talented individuals and partners who share the same passion and vision. We are a band comprised of technology, communication and business specialists. If chefs are rockstars then we are their roadies on the digital road.

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