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Welcome to Cuisination Inc

It starts with a simple phrase: “Give my compliments to the chef". Many of us have casually said it to our waiter at the end of good meal without giving it much thought. Like an anonymous « good morning » to someone on the subway. Then one day, you meet a chef. A real one. Not a cook, but a genuine craftsman who is passionate about his art. Someone with talent and skills, who dedicated countless hours training, learning and practicing to ascend nature’s bounty into culinary masterpiece. Now “Give my compliments to chef” takes on a whole new meaning because you know that he or she appreciates the you acknowledgement of their hard work.

Just like when Neo took the blue pill from Morpheus, a veil has been lifted over your mouth. Average food just won’t do anymore, it has to be great. You’ll walk an extra mile to get a great sandwich from a food truck when there is a perfectly fine fast food chain next door. You’ll plan your vacation by making restaurant reservation first, then book a flight. You become curious, about every aspect of the dining experience, the decor, the wine and the people. In the end, the people is really what it is all about.

So you seek out more chefs, but also sommeliers, restaurateurs, butchers, fishmonger and producers. Their world draws you in. It becomes an obsession.

Cuisination is the expression of this quest into the culinary universe and to define our place within it. We are not chefs. We do not cook. We code. Our trade is digital and the web is our kitchen.

We are already laying the ground work on our first project, which is still in stealth mode. We look forward to sharing it with you. Meanwhile, check out our blog with our insights into the interaction of the digital and culinary world. From social media to mobile applications, there is a lot to talk about.

PS : We found the cartoon on the right on Reddit a few years ago, and it perfectly represents our fascination with chefs. If you know anything about its origin or its creator, please let us know.


“A chef is a mixture maybe of artistry and craft. You have to learn the craft really to get there."

Wolfgang Puck


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